If you are already enrolled in Medicare Part A and B, you have the option to invest in additional coverage with Medicare supplement insurance. While it comes with its own premium, and one policy only covers one person, it can help pay for costs outside of original Medicare, including coinsurance and deductibles. As an added bonus, Medicare supplements have a guaranteed renewal policy, which means you are always eligible for continuing coverage, even if you have health concerns.

Who Qualifies

How It Works

First, your Original Medicare plan pays for approved healthcare costs. Then, your Medicare supplement insurance pays what the policy outlines. You can experience the benefits of Medicare and limit your out-of-pocket costs all in one!

Medicare supplement plans are offered by private insurance companies, but your options are standardized across the U.S., so you can access the same options no matter where you are or what company you choose to work with. These policies are broken down and given a letter (A through N). Coverage options and premiums can vary, but MedicareGov Directory in St. Louis can help you find the right plan and insurance partner.

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